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Dumortierite Quartz  ddd
Dumortierite Quartz Cabochon Dumortierite Quartz Cabochon
We’re often asked the question, “Is there such a thing as natural blue quartz?”

We have to answer that much of what is sold in the market as blue quartz is artificially colored synthetic quartz created by the hydrothermal method.

However, there is natural blue quartz. Indeed there are several different kinds of blue quartz. For example, there is a rare type of blue chalcedony (microcrystalline quartz). Most chalcedony is lavender, but there is material from several locations – particularly from Namibia and the Western USA (Nevada, California and Oregon) – that is distinctly blue in color.

There is also natural blue quartz that is colored by microscopic inclusions of other minerals, such as fibrous crocidolite or dumortierite. Some of this is nearly as rich a blue as sodalite or lapis lazuli. However, all natural blue quartz is translucent or opaque, so highly transparent blue quartz is very likely synthetic.